Elisabetta Porcinai currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Since her beginnings in design and photography, her field of artistic enquiry and experimentation came to include a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as performance, poetry, video and sound art.

A background which escapes definition has become the starting point of an artistic practice characterised by a fluid and highly interdisciplinary approach. Such a focus on interdisciplinarity is indeed at the core of Elisabetta’s current philosophic and scientific enquiry, exploring the underpinning relationships between creative processes across different media, non-linear narrative structures and the dynamics of human perception.

Also, a member of electro-acoustic duos Aperture and EPRC.

Contact:  e.porcinai@gmail.com

Exhibitions and Performances

- Serralves Museum (PT) — A Terra Compartilhada – group performance
- [EPRC] — Spazio Contemporanea, RAAA Festival, Brescia (IT)

- [Aperture] - NUB Project Space, Pistoia (IT)
- [Aperture] - Klang, Rome (IT) 

- [Aperture] - Standards, Milan (IT) [Aperture]
- [Aperture] - KM28 Berlin (DE) - Aperture - Threads
- [Aperture] - Stray Signals @West Germany - Aperture - Threads
- MuSA, Pietrasanta (IT) - Transit - Il trasporto del marmo by M. Mazzi

- Deign Transfer, Berlin (DE) - The Post Internet Show, group exhibition.


2017 – Master of Arts Visuelle Kommunikation
Universität der Künste Berlin

2010 – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spatial Design
London College of Communication