Born in Florence, Elisabetta Porcinai lives and works between Milan, Italy and Berlin, Germany. Since her beginnings in design and photography, her field of artistic enquiry and experimentation came to include a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as book design, painting and, more recently, performance, video and sound art.
A background which escapes definition has become the starting point of an artistic practice characterised by a fluid and highly interdisciplinary approach. Such focus on interdisciplinarity is indeed the subject of Elisabetta’s current philosophic and scientific enquiry, exploring the underpinning relationships between different forms of artistic expression - from visual media to language and music – and the human unconscious.

Also, a member of electro-acoustic duo Aperture

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Exhibitions and Performances

- [Aperture] - NUB Project Space, Pistoia (IT)
- [Aperture] - Klang, Rome (IT) 

- [Aperture] - Standards, Milan (IT) [Aperture]
- [Aperture] - KM28 Berlin (DE) - Aperture - Threads
- [Aperture] - Stray Signals @West Germany - Aperture - Threads
- MuSA, Pietrasanta (IT) - Transit - Il trasporto del marmo by M. Mazzi

- Deign Transfer, Berlin (DE) - The Post Internet Show, group exhibition.


2017 – Master of Arts Visuelle Kommunikation
Universität der Künste Berlin

2010 – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spatial Design
London College of Communication