Species of Space

This series deals with space, depth and the perception thereof in the framework of the photographic image.

The two-dimensional photographic surface becomes indeed an enigmatic space, where scale and depth are relativized and where the viewer’s perception is challenged.

By making use of superimpositions and fragmentation, this series aims at questioning the relationship between three-dimensional space, surface and image.

In these images, the concept of surface comes into play at different levels, as small-scale installations featuring different surfaces and textures provide the material basis for the creation of new, two-dimensional scenarios. Spaces and surfaces multiply and overlay within the photographic surface and are ultimately magnified to acquire the semblance of a real, yet more complex space.

The Post Internet Show,
Designtransfer, Berlin, 2017_Exhibiton view

The Body as a Cage

This photographic project was born as a study of the human body and the limits thereof in relation to the spaces it inhabits and the objects populating its environment.