Audio Performance


3-channel video and audio.
A joint project by Elisabetta Porcinai, sound artist Nicola Giannini and performer Alice Nardi inspired by the concept of tensegrity – a structural principle based on the use of discrete and distinct elements subject to compressive forces, inserted within a network of elements in continuous tension. 

Sequences of close-ups of the performing body, highlighting its every breath and muscular tension, are alternated with abstract tableaux in which shapes and lights move within a blurred and undefined space.

 Eyes Draw Circles of Light

Initially composed as the soundtrack to the video, the piece exist as stand-alone work under the name 'Eyes Draw Circles of Light'. An immersive multichanel electroacoustic music piece featuring a poem written by Elisabetta Porcinai and Alice Nardi and vocally interpreted by Elisabetta.
The piece explores specific aspects of the unconscious that characterize the brief moment when we are about to fall asleep.