Eternally Frozen
Photo Series

Photography: Elisabetta Porcinai
Lighting assistant: Martin Moolhuijsen 

A photographic series reflecting on stillness and eternity, inspired by Andrea Belfi’s “Eternally Frozen” – a series of canon based compositions based on the evocative image of the Deprong Mori, a mythological bat with the alleged ability to fly through solid matter by bending atoms by its natural skill of audio echolocation.

Eternally Frozen // BOW
Cover + Logo Design

Cover artwork and design for Andrea Belfi’s release “Eternaly Frozen”, jointly published by Maple Death Records (vinyl + CD) and BOW (digital).

Logo design for BOW, Andrea Belfi’s new digital label.

Cover Artwork + Design

Cover artwork and design for Aperture’s second album ‘Stanze’ released by Stray Signals.

Mental Dough
Book Design

“Mental Dough. Dialogue on Poetry and Artistic Practice” by Alessandro De Francesco e Marco Mazzi. Bilingual edition published by Gli Ori.

This work testifies to the ongoing dialogue between the two artists through a reciprocal interview accompanied by images of the works mentioned in the text and by new, previously unreleased material.