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Texts: Marco Mazzi, Elisabetta Porcinai
Book Design: Marcello Jacopo Biffi @Mousse

“Industrial. On Hacking Consciousness and Reprogramming Language” – Mousse Publishing.

Co-authored with Marco Mazzi, this book brings to light a part of my ongoing research on the glitches of the unconscious mind, non-linear narrative structures, the self-sabotage strategies of consciousness and their impact on creative practices across different media.

It includes the essays “The Narrative of The Unconscious” and “The Phenomenology of Programming”.

Book design

Book design for CONTROL by Armando Lulaj and Marco Mazzi, published by Silvana Editoriale.

“Albania, 1997. A year of social and political upheavals, anarchy, controversies, emigration. The toxic seeds of neoliberalism sprouting in an already wounded country. Control is a mirror of complexity encompassing history, politics, contemporary art and writing, hovering between the bluntness of a chat between friends and a delirious piece of fiction. At its core, a conversation between artists Armando Lulaj and Marco Mazzi revolving around the cornerstones of Lulaj's artistic practice, at its peripheries, elusive fragments of conceptual writing by M. Mazzi.”

Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for WSR latest EP Interim.

An oeuvre the artist’s aesthetics and functional paradigms related to string instruments. Deconstructed, altered or just designed and built from scratch, they become an integral part of his distinguishing sound.

The artwork opposes the dense and piercing sonic patters characterizing the album with the ehtereal an gentle lines of a continuous line drawing.

Ink on paper.

Villa Rondinelli
Web design

New graphic identity and website design for Villa Rondinelli, a suggestive location situated on the southern Fiesole hillside, overlooking Florence.
From its Medicean origins, dating back to the Renaissance, to the visionary project of one of Italy’s greatest landscape architects of the 20th century, Villa Rondinelli stands out as the perfect synthesis between landscape and architecture, history and modernity.


Web development + UX design - Margehrita Baldi

Interior photography - Philipp Hustig

Garden photography - Gabriele Novasi