Book design

Book design for CONTROL by Armando Lulaj and Marco Mazzi, published by Silvana Editoriale.

“Albania, 1997. A year of social and political upheavals, anarchy, controversies, emigration. The toxic seeds of neoliberalism sprouting in an already wounded country. Control is a mirror of complexity encompassing history, politics, contemporary art and writing, hovering between the bluntness of a chat between friends and a delirious piece of fiction. At its core, a conversation between artists Armando Lulaj and Marco Mazzi revolving around the cornerstones of Lulaj's artistic practice, at its peripheries, elusive fragments of conceptual writing by M. Mazzi.”

Corpo Cosmico
Book design

Book design for ‘Corpo Cosmico’, a photographic series by artist Eleonora Chiti.

“The body in which I have been interested in the past as an experience of listening and feeling has become a cosmic body, a fluid subject. Nature has come forward in the photographic discovery and, whether it is a leaf or a face, what is revealed in the photographs is the narration of small things that have been shown to my eyes. Forms now dissolved and become something else. They are treasures that light and darkness have revealed to me. They are an invitation to contemplation.”

Eleonora Chiti.

cplt_Rewording of a Tangible Abstraction
Artwork + Cover Design

Original artwork and cover design for cplt’s debut EP ‘Rewording of a Tangible Abstraction’.

The cover artwork is inspired by graphic music notation and is the result of a close dialogue with the artist, seeking to recreate the subtle sonic balance of contrasts characterizing his music.

Transit - Il trasporto del marmo
Music score
Marco Mazzi, Transit (2019)
8-channel video and sound installation
MusA, Pietrasanta (IT)_Exhibition view.

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Original music score for ‘Transit’, an 8-channel video installation by artist Marco Mazzi.

Composed in collaboration with Emanuele Porcinai, the score is an acousmatic piece based on field recordings captured along the "marble road" in Pietrasanta, Italy.
The narration begins with the road and ends with the sea. The sonic fil rouge is represented by the sound of marble itself and a spoken stream of consciousness.