Eternally Frozen
Photo Series

Photography: Elisabetta Porcinai
Lighting assistant: Martin Moolhuijsen 

A photographic series reflecting on stillness and eternity, inspired by Andrea Belfi’s “Eternally Frozen” – a series of canon based compositions based on the evocative image of the Deprong Mori, a mythological bat with the alleged ability to fly through solid matter by bending atoms by its natural skill of audio echolocation.

Eternally Frozen // BOW
Cover + Logo Design

Cover artwork and design for Andrea Belfi’s release “Eternaly Frozen”, jointly published by Maple Death Records (vinyl + CD) and BOW (digital).

Logo design for BOW, Andrea Belfi’s new digital label.

Cover Artwork + Design

Cover artwork and design for Aperture’s second album ‘Stanze’ released by Stray Signals.

A Terra Compartilhada
Group Performance

Performance view at Serrlaves Museum.
Ph. Jan St. Werner

Collective performance staged at Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto (PT).

Impromptu poems, sampled choirs and piano were amplified with or without the use of a PA system by making use of the museum’s architecture and thus sonically activating the space.

Recording and sampling was itself a structural part of the performance, whereby the sound of different rooms and entities was conveyed into the main space.

Performance view at Serrlaves Museum. With Lucy Park, Dean Roberts, Victor Negri, Andam Hocker, Jen D’Mello, Brent Crosson, Debashis Sinha, Joseph Chaves.
Ph. Jan St. Werner