cplt_Rewording of a Tangible Abstraction
Artwork + Cover Design

Original artwork and cover design for cplt’s debut EP ‘Rewording of a Tangible Abstraction’.

The cover artwork is inspired by graphic music notation and is the result of a close dialogue with the artist, seeking to recreate the subtle sonic balance of contrasts characterizing his music.

Stray Signals_Poster
Artwork + Design ft. MOTE

Poster design in partnership with MOTE Studio Berlin for the Stray Signals event series at West Germany, Berlin.

Inspired by vintage television test cards, the poster series features original handcrafted artworks and blends it with bold graphic design references and symbols.

cplt @MONOM
Digital artwork

Original artwork for cplt’s performance at MONOM in Berlin’s Funkhaus.

Photography, reflection and digital manipulation were used to visually render the concept of spatialized sound and to create a strong reference to MONOM’s unique architectural and engineering structure.

Cover + booklet design

Original artworks and design for Aperture’s debut release ‘Threads’ published by Other/other recordings.

Photographs of the human body are abstracted, depersonalized and suspended in a sidereal void - chiming with and embodying the music’s intimate and eerie character.  

artwork, poetry

Detachable artwork and written composition for “Chambers”, the latest album of artist WSR issued on Contort Records.

Drawing on the album’s concept of enclosed spaces, the artwork traces an impossible space through straight lines delimitating illusory planes and dimensions.